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RMC adheres strictly to the market research codes of conduct. We follow field standards as laid down by the Market Research Society (MRS) and European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR).
Some of our field standards (but not limited to are) :

- Regional Field Managers having field experience in each region.
- Regional Supervisors/Field Executives having field experience in each region.
- Over 500 experienced interviewers, classified by region, SEC and profession.
- Regular thorough field training procedures for new & as well for experienced interviewers to improve their field interviewing capabilities.
- All interviewers are thoroughly briefed on each project, mock interviews after every project briefing.
- Interviewers are supervised and regularly appraised. Supervisors/Field Executives while scrutinizing questionnaires looks for trends, commonalities, consistencies/difference across the sample
- All quantitative questionnaires are fully logic checked by Field Executives.
- Quality Controls: we develop individually tailored quality control systems for each Project for continuous monitoring of Project work and to track the quotas, Project quality, schedules and interviewers progress.
- Accompanied interviews: All new & less experienced interviewers are accompanied by an experienced Field Executive to give them on Field training.
- Strict back-checking standards - minimum 30% of each interviewers work is back checked
- Confidentiality: Strict confidentiality for each & every Project.
- Interviewers Undertaking: All interviewers sign an undertaking that they have been trained for field work and will abide by confidentiality protocols.
- Proven reliability


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