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Realistic Management Consultancy (RMC) is a Market Research Agency with it’s main office in Dubai, UAE and managed by a high caliber team of personnel with years of market research experience in the Gulf region. Our Managing Director himself has over 20 years of field management experience in the Gulf region, having successfully managed and executed over 1500 projects in the field.
RMC’s mission is to make professional research simple and accessible for you and your company. Our primary service is providing usable market research expertise such as field work for quantitative and qualitative studies, tailor made adhoc research, tracking studies, omnibus, panel studies, syndicated projects and others that are customized to meet your needs.
We have an established network of representatives spread throughout the Gulf region and a number of leading companies have partnered with us to expand their knowledge of the market. Armed with our MD’s over 20 years of market research experience along with a highly trained and motivated team, we work with these companies towards the high quality results they deserve.

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